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Mountain seafood that is handmade in every detail

Enjoy handmade and simple dishes that preserve tradition

  • New! ✨"Buffet" debuts

    Buffet plan available!
    "A little bit of delicious food』\
    Ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef, seasonal delicacies, etc.
    We have prepared a lot of dishes that highlight the skill of the chief chef while making the most of the taste of the ingredients.
    • Enjoy seasonal delicacies in Seiransou style!


      【Buffet】Both dinner and breakfast will be served at the buffet venue.
  • Regarding allergies

    For customers with allergies, please notify us in advance (3 days in advance).
    If so, we will do our best to accommodate you.
    However, although we can accommodate individual allergies such as "no shrimp" (7 major allergens), we cannot accommodate all allergens such as wheat and soybeans, as they may be contained in seasonings. .

    In addition, allergens are listed on the buffet menu.
    Only the seven major allergens are listed: wheat, eggs, milk, shrimp, crab, buckwheat, and peanuts.

    All the ingredients for the meals we serve are prepared in the same kitchen.Therefore, allergens may not be completely removed, and some may remain or be contaminated.
    The allergy-friendly meals we provide are not completely free of allergens.
  • [Selectable baby food service】

    For infants and toddlers, we offer baby food (made by a Japanese manufacturer) that is compatible with allergies such as wheat and eggs, depending on their age and growth.
    If you need baby food, you can choose it upon arrival.We also have warmers, containers, spoons, forks, etc., so you don't have to bring them with you.

    【Selectable baby food menu One case】
    ●5 months ~
    ・Carrot and pumpkin porridge ・Bottled apples ・Boiled white fish and potatoes in cream
    ●7 months ~
    ・Cod Creamy Doria ・Vegetable white fish noodles ・Rice porridge with white fish and vegetables  
    ・Pumpkin gratin ・Chinese cod and vegetables and many others