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  • Japan's four seasons,Hot Springs,Gastronomy trip Yugawara Onsen

  • A hot spring town 60 minutes from Yokohama.
    Here you will find a precious landscape that has been preserved by nature since ancient times.

    In this small hot spring town full of hot springs and gastronomy, which are the blessings of nature
    Please take home a big memorable memory.

    *【 】The inside shows the distance from the hotel to each tourist facility in the vicinity and the time required when traveling by car.
    *Ikemine Momiji no Sato cannot be reached by car.You can walk to Manyo Park for about 40 minutes and then 60 minutes.
  • Manyo Park(Closed for maintenance until March 2021)【Approximately 2.4km 5 minutes】
    About 9 minutes by car from JR Yugawara Station, Manyo Park is located in the center of Yugawara Onsen town, and is a must-see spot for sightseeing in Yugawara.

    A walking path has been developed in the park, which has been selected as one of the 100 best historical parks in Japan, and you can enjoy a pleasant walk while listening to the Chitose River of the Chitose River flowing through the park.

    The middle of the walk, come jump into the eyes, tearoom Manyo of thatched roof that mimics the ancient architecture of the Manyo era and, poem the Yugawara Onsen in Manyo collection monument, shrines and beautiful contrast vermilion torii・ ・ ・Many of the points that make you feel the history are excellent compatibility with fresh green and autumn leaves.No matter where you cut it, you will see a spectacular landscape.
  • At Fudo Falls, which has a head of 15 meters and is full of power, you can refresh yourself by bathing in plenty of negative ions.

    On the way from the Bus Stop or parking lot to the waterfall, there is a teahouse where you can enjoy amazake, and you can soothe your tiredness with a footbath while watching the waterfall.

    As you walk along the promenade while listening to the sound of the waterfall that gradually grows as you approach it, you will see a waterfall that creates a majestic atmosphere in the quiet nature.

    One of the attractions is that you can see the powerful waterfall in front of you because the promenade is close to the waterfall.

    On the left side of the waterfall is Fudoson, and on the right side is Daikokuson, where you can pray for success and avoid evil.
  • Gosho Shrine is a venerable shrine with a 36m-high sacred tree and a giant ginkgo tree that creates a majestic atmosphere.

    The main attraction of Gosho Shrine, which enshrines the god of longevity and longevity, the god of hot springs (Ubusunagami), is the 850-year-old shinboku, a person who is overwhelmed by its huge size and the majesty of spreading its branches toward the heavens. Is endless.

    There is also a giant ginkgo tree in the precincts, which is as dignified as the sacred tree.

    It is rare that all seven statues of the Seven Lucky Gods are available, and the fact that you can get two red stamps is another reason for their popularity.

    Yugawara you visit Yugawara, why don't you get the power at Gosho Shrine, which is a spiritual test.
  • Nishimura Kyotaro Museum【About 3.9km 7 minutes】
    More than 300 exhibits Many works by Japan's leading mystery artists are on display.
    At the entrance of the memorial hall, which can be accessed on foot from the station, a humanoid figure of a corpse familiar from police dramas welcomes you.
    In this playful facility where blood stains are left on the stairs, Kyotaro Nishimura's three-choice quiz with all the difficult questions, a diorama that reproduces the murder scene, and a raw manuscript written by the teacher are very attractive. Exhibits are available.More than 300 works by Kyotaro Nishimura, who is famous for his large number of works, are on display, and the number of books is overwhelming.

    You can also buy a book with the author's signature, which is a perfect memory of your trip.

    The admission fee includes coffee or tea, so if you get tired of browsing the exhibits, have a cup of tea.
  • Makuyama Park is a park with abundant nature built along the Niizaki River, where you can enjoy flowers all year round, such as plums and cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangea in summer, kinmokusei in autumn, and sasanqua in winter. I will.Among them, there are about 4000 plums in total, including white plums and red Ume-no-Utage"Ume-no-Utage" held from early February to mid-March, the scenery is like a carpet of plums, and the park is sweet with plums. Wrapped in fragrance, many tourists visit every year.In addition, it is lit up at night, and you can enjoy the fantastic view of plum blossoms floating in the dark.

    There is also a barbecue area that can be used free of charge for half a year from April, and an athletic facility that is perfect for physical activity, making it ideal for families with children and dates.
    From hiking to picnics, why not spend your holidays at Makuyama Park, which is perfect for the outdoors.
  • The land of Okuyugawara, known for the beauty of autumn leaves.The autumn colors of Yugawara gradually begin to change color from Mt Taikan and Okuyugawara, and gradually descend into the city.

    Mt Taikan has many yellow "yellow leaves" trees, and the entire mountain is dyed golden.The view from Mt Taikan is magnificent! When the weather is nice, you can also see Mt Fuji.Please enjoy the autumn leaves while driving to Hakone. 

    Okuyugawara, many maple trees are planted along the street, and it is recommended to take a leisurely stroll through the quiet inn town in the red tunnel of maple leaves.
    In addition, Okuyugawara are Ikemine Hiking Course hiking course and Ikemine Hiking Course, and there is also "Momiji no Sato" which burns bright red.How about hiking while enjoying the autumn scenery?
  • Healing of hot water nestled on the banks of the river, you can enjoy open-air bath of the source that began springing from the Okuyugawara the withholding over a period of flow as it is.Yugawara's first carbonated hot spring "Miyakami Ramune-to" lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation, which can be expected to relieve joint pain, remove dead skin cells from the whole body, and beautify the skin.

    There is also a break room "Sit-down" on the 2nd floor of the facility where you can relax after taking a bath.
    Please note that children under elementary school age cannot be used. (You can take a bath in the private bath (extra charge).)
  • There are open-air baths and large communal baths for men and women, respectively, and you can see the townscape of the hot springs from the free break room and dining room.

    The gentle quality of the weak salt spring warms the body from the core and is effective against the mind and all illnesses.
    A nice point of business hours from 9:00 to 21:00.It is a convenient spot to spend a relaxing time from an early time, or to soak in the hot springs after hiking or walking.

    You can spend your time relaxing both physically and mentally at the old-fashioned one-day hot spring facility run by the town.
  • When it comes to cookie tins for girls wearing red hats, many people think "Ah!" ...This is a hands-on head office factory of assorted cookie makers for gifts such as "red hat" and "Moegino".We are making more than 80 kinds here.

    You can enjoy a factory tour on the 2nd floor, a cookie making experience and a 60-minute all-you-can-eat cookie buffet on the 1st floor, and there is also a cafe and shop.Enjoy the experience of making cookies that won the Monde Selection Gold Award!